TPI is a leading Custom Fabricator and Manufacturer of air & water vending machines, car wash equipment, inmate equipment, coin laundry security and payphone enclosures & pedestals.

Our Products/Services

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  • Air-Water Machines

    TPI offers air/water machines in a variety of configurations.

  • Car Wash Equipment

    Our full range of high capacity car wash equipment vacuum systems are the industry standard.

  • Security Systems

    TPI offers several security system configurations to address individual market needs for car wash equipment, vacuum and air systems.

  • Coin Laundry Security

    TPI has a full range of laundry security systems for commercial laundry applications.

  • Inmate Telephone Equipment

    TPI manufactures telephone equipment for Inmate facilities.

  • Telephone Enclosures & Pedestals

    TPI manufactures a full line of telephone phone enclosures and pedestals.

  • Fabrication

    TPI offers a full range of manufacturing services, from prototyping through full production...

  • Machining

    TPI offers CNC machining operations to facilitate the manufacture of your components as well as full assemblies.

  • ATM Kiosks & Enclosures

    TPI manufactures high-security ATM kiosks and enclosures.

  • Custom Trailers

    TPI has the capability and experience to engineer and build whatever your Custom Trailer may be.

  • Server Racks & Frames

    TPI manufactures a variety of rackmount cabinets and frames.

  • Car & Truck Safes

    TPI manufactures a variety of truck safes for the Air Machine, Car Wash, Commercial Laundry, and the Payphone Industries.

Precision Manufacturing & High Performance Products

TPI is a leading manufacturer of quality fabricated sheet metal products headquartered in the DFW Metroplex. We have the capability to design, develop, and customize all types of metal including steel, copper, stainless and aluminum parts.

Our goal is to always produce a final product that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

TPI offers manufacturing services for sheet metal fabrication and machining for all types of products. We offer prototyping through full production of parts, assemblies and fully packaged products ready for delivery. If you are looking for a manufacturing source, we are your partner.

TPI also currently manufactures a proprietary line of air and water vending equipment, ATM security kiosks, stainless vacuums, payphone enclosures and pedestals, inmate equipment, laundromat security products as well as computer rackmount equipment.