CNC Routing

Advanced Precision CNC Routing

TPI offers full CNC Routing capabilities using MultiCam® 5000 Series CNC Routers. These machines are extremely flexible and are designed for easy configuration to meet most high speed routing application requirements. Whether you need a one-piece prototype or thousands of parts, TPI CNC Routing Services can meet your production schedule, your tolerance limits, and your quality standards.

Our machine is used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries including woodworking, plastic, aerospace, automotive, boating, medical and defense.

CNC Routing is recommended over laser cutting when:

  • Material to be cut is thicker than 3/8″
  • 3D carving or any milling needs to be done
  • Beveled or rounded edge treatments need to be applied
  • Material is a non-ferrous metal.

From pick-up of raw materials to delivery of finished parts, TPI provides full service precision CNC Routing of close tolerance flat or 3D shaped parts. We utilize high speed tooling to cut, trim, and shape a wide variety of materials including aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.

CNC Routing Applications

  • Woodworking
  • Plastics
  • Composite materials
  • Non-ferrous metal production
  • 3-D signs and graphic applications
  • And more …