Our Story

TPI phone enclosureTelecom Products, Inc. (TPI) started over 25 years ago in the business of refurbishing payphone enclosures for Independent Payphone Providers (IPP). As the industry changed and evolved, the need for additional parts and enclosures grew. TPI then began to manufacture enclosures, pedestals, and related additional parts. Over time, TPI has expanded into manufacturing for many different industries.

Today, TPI is a precision AS9100 D / ISO-9001:2015 certified custom contract manufacturer specializing in laser cutting, punching, brake press, welding, powder coating, CNC Machining, CNC Routing, precision sheet metal fabrication, and assembly across a wide range of applications.

TPI car wash vacuumOver the years, TPI has expanded into additional markets and has become a leading provider of coin-operated air, water, and vacuum machines for the tire inflation and car wash vending industries. TPI utilizes its state of the art technology and superior skill to manufacture premium equipment that always has and will continue to keep TPI ahead of the competition in the industry.

Additionally, TPI manufactures a line of marketing and security kiosks that help to provide protection against theft and vandalism while also promoting brands for the ATM and vault security industry. Our cutting edge technology allows us to manufacture superior vaults and kiosks that are unprecedented in the industry. TPI has the capability to spread its wings into new territories with continued innovation, production of various security parts, and its ability to develop new designs.

TPI Hyosung 2700T ATM Kiosk EnclosureAcquisitions in advanced machining and cutting equipment has furthered TPI’s manufacturing capabilities and has made TPI a broad manufacturer and provider of parts and components across many industries as well as our own products. These industries include but are not limited to: aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, medical, and oil.

TPI and its solid core of dedicated, knowledgeable employees, offer extensive experience in manufacturing high quality machines including a wide variety of our own complete products and components. We have a broader knowledge and manufacturing base than the typical manufacturing supplier and can therefore offer very extensive capabilities and services at a competitive price. We will always treat your products as if they were our own!

TPI Coin Air and Water machine on standard pedestalLooking for a manufacturing partner or interested in purchasing any of our high quality products? Give us a call to discuss your project or application at 1-866-874-8210.